About Us


We specialise in hats. Just for kids!
This means:  Premium quality, perfect fit,
and colour combinations to suit every little trendsetter.

We understand the importance of your child’s individuality.
Let kids be kids! 
Every hat is personally embroidered
with their own name on it, in their own choice of colours.
Sizes to suit kids aged 0-10 years old.
Thanks for helping this young Sydney Mum,
conquer her world, one nap at a time.


All our hats have been designed from the ground up, exclusively for Little Snapbacks, by our design team.

This gave us the flexibility to select the highest quality fabrics available, to ensure all hats outlast child's play. Our range is constantly growing as we design new colour combinations for you to add to your hat collections.

Your personalised names are all created with industrial strength embroidery machines, with each piece individually designed, set up and carefully inspected.

I guess you can say, it's the little details that are most important to us! Who else is a sucker for quality?


The lightbulb moment hit during the summer of 2011, after an impulse purchase of a kid’s snapback from Times Square, New York.

We bought this personalised gift for our newborn nephew. A plain black snapback with his name embroidered across the front, in your typical bold white font. We bought this with the intentions of being the cool Aunty and Uncle. This simple gift was meant to be just a gift. To be practical, look nice and last him till his next birthday. Little did we know, this was not the case.

Fast forward 5 years and he is still wearing his personalised hat. However, it’s well worn, faded and shows every sign of being well loved. It has travelled around the world and goes with him to preschool every day.  

Our nephew had lost it a few times, but of course, because it had his name across the front, it always returned to him. Still worn to this day with pride, even though the clip at the back can no longer reach to clip up.

Our little nephew was due for an upgrade. He wanted one exactly like his last one. Unfortunately, we soon realised, that having a one-off personalised hat made, in Australia, was too expensive and the range was limited. This wasn’t going to work, and who are we to rob this little boy of something he has so desperately loved.

We have since designed our own range of snapback hats, from the ground up. Our design team have carefully selected the highest quality fabrics, the perfect fit and on trend colours to suit even the stylish of kids.

We now have the facilities to custom embroider names and nicknames on our kids hats, without passing on the large, initial, setup fee.

Every kid deserves the same special opportunity that our nephew has had.

Mums and Dads no longer having to fight, to get them to wear a hat in the Australian sun. They will happily wear ‘their’ hat with pride.

This was the true inspiration behind Little Snapbacks.

The Little Snapbacks Team
Sizing Guide

We always recommend measuring around your child's head where a hat would sit. That is, across the forehead and just above the ears.

We have 2 sizes available that both have an adjustable snapback. Keep in mind, the below is just a guide, as all kids grow differently, and boys tend to have a larger head.